Environmental Sustainability

Environmental sustainability is absolutely key to our continued existence and unfortunately the larger population mostly ignores this and continues destroying our planet.  The current trajectory of environmental destruction is alarming.  The actual numbers are hotly debated so I’ll simply stick to the assumption we are choking our own planet and it will take a massive effort on behalf of the majority of the world’s population to slow down the current degradation, and even more fortitude to reverse the damage, if that’s even possible at this point.

So what’s this have to do with minimalism?  Let’s recap the minmylife definition of minimalism:  a lifestyle that reduces distractions in our lives, freeing us to focus on living our passions.  I think the approaching ecological extinction is a huge distraction, and therefore I am compelled to reduce that distraction as much as possible.  Some people do this within the scope of their own household while others leverage their efforts by leading environmental movements.  Whether you choose to consume low/no-packaging food or install solar power panels, or instead choose to stage environmental group sit-ins and lobby governments is your choice; however I feel a contribution in some form is necessary.  Bonus points if living an environmentally sustainable lifestyle is a passion and an effort to reduce a distraction in your life!

Minimalism in its most simple sense directly encourages an environmentally sustainable future as it exemplifies the “reduce, reuse, recycle” mentality and sharing economy that is central to reducing our negative environmental impacts.  Experienced minimalists also tend towards self-awareness as they’ve already broken through the cultural norm of pursuing excess.  Through introspection, minimalists can visualize the impact their lifestyles are making on the planet and decide to act to minimize and counter their negative impact.  Minimalists are the perfect group of people to lead efforts towards environmental sustainability; therefore I challenge you to live a lifestyle that reduces your negative environmental impact, and better yet, join an environmental movement so your impact goes beyond just your household!

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