The Financial Case for Less Meat

Your meat-eating habit could be costing you a million dollars.  Don’t believe me?  Let’s run some numbers:


Many people choose a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle for ethical or health reasons.  Although I respect these causes, my decision to eat less meat was rooted primarily in finances.  I enjoy the flavor of a nicely-prepared steak every now and then, and through eating it less often I’ve come to appreciate those few times even more

When I began my minimalist lifestyle, I changed my eating habits, choosing healthier vegetarian options for most meals.  The vegetarian options are quite cheap in comparison with meat.  Next time you’re in the grocery store compare how much a bag of dry bulk beans or lentils costs.  You’ll find you can get many meals for the same price as a steak.

If you’re a meat-eater, I challenge you to go a few weeks with only a minimal number of meat meals, and see how much money you save.  You’ll notice an especially large difference if you eat vegetable options at restaurants and save meat for a few home-cooked meals.  Meat in restaurants are comparatively much more expensive than when cooked in the home.  In the long run, the savings will add up!

If this added value to your life, check out:  The True Cost of Your Vehicle.


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