Transform Hate into Positive Energy

In my quest towards a positive and meaningful life I changed my word choice.  I stopped saying “I hate” and eliminated other negative words and expressions. In turn, my interactions changed and my perspective shifted.  I’m now more social and optimistic, which gives me more opportunities to positively influence the world.

“Hate” is such an overused word which desensitizes us to its true definition.  All too often we use it flippantly: “I hate broccoli,” “I hate the person that drives slow in the left lane,” and “I hate how the sun shines in my eyes so brightly during the morning jog.” 

For nearly every case, we can replace “hate” with “dislike” or “am not pleased with.”  At first this sounds a bit quirky when spoken: “I dislike the bugs biting me.”  Yet, it quickly transforms into a mental cue which sheds light on how often we use the word.  Additionally, others may ask about your unconventional word choice and you can capitalize on the moment to spread your philosophy on positive energy!

By choosing to forego strong negative words and expressions you’ll find yourself thinking about the underlying emotions driving your word choice. You’ll realize you don’t actually hate the person who cut you off on the highway, rather you’re only irked your safety margin was encroached upon.

You may even slow your immediate negative reaction to give the benefit of the doubt and assume he was stressed while driving; by your few moments of sacrificing a peaceful morning commute you permitted him to proceed to work in time for the big meeting that got him a promotion. You just contributed to his life’s success!

Realistically, that story probably isn’t true.  However, just thinking about that possibility makes you feel more positive and the attitude is infections.  You’ll smile at more people, treat them nicer, and brighten their day.  That positive interaction may then be the catalyst for them to do the same to others.  Our world desperately needs more positive influences and you can be that beacon of hope contributing to the cause.

Bottom Line:  Eliminate “I hate” from your vocabulary and you’ll quickly live a more positive life.  

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